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Excursions in the area - Rab - Croatia

Sightseeing and excursions around the island of Rab.

There are few holiday resorts that are so close to the recreational facilities, such as the resorts on the island of Rab. Island of Rab owes this to its geographical location and size of the island.

The 1.5-hour tour of the old town, island tours, full-or half-day boat trips around the island and the neighboring islands with swimming breaks guarantee a special treat.

From the town of Rab, you can take lots of trips. Both on the island of Rab, on the neighboring islands and the mainland, well-connected


Excursions with boat

Boat trips offer a special experience for all visitors of the island of Rab

- Tour around the island of Rab and Panoramic tour;
- Trips with visiting Zavratnica bay, Goli and Grgur island;
- Fishing & Picnic trips;
- Trips to the island of Krk (Baska), or Pag island of Losinj, and more ...


National Park tours


Because of their natural beauty together with the surrounding forest area in 1949, declared a national park that covers an area accounted of 295 km ² of which approximately 2 km ² of the lakes. The Plitvice lakes with nice walking paths equipped so that they are due to the nature and the access beautifull natur all year by many tourists.

"Distance from Rab - 140 km"



Northern Velebit (Northern Velebit) is the youngest national park in Croatia, the eighth in the order. The main reason for the establishment of national parks is the variety of folic information of the karst area, animal, plants and landscapes on a relatively small area. The park headquarters is located in the village of Krasno.

"Distance to the Rab - 70 km"



The National Park Paklenica is a national park in the Velebit mountain range 30 km northeast of the city of Zadar on the Croatian Adriatic coast and about 1 km from Starigrad. He was declared a national park in 1949. The highest peak is 1,757 m. Vaganski Vrh . and Sveto Brdo (1750 m.) Paklenica in Croatian means "little hell". The name was probably due to the rough and steep karst rocks which host numerous hidden caves and bring lit by the sun's association with the underworld. An alternative explanation attributes the name to the park frequently occurring pine back, was their juice (Paklina) previously used for impregnation of boats.

"Distance to the Rab- 100 km"



The waterfalls of the Krka is one of the most beautiful and unusual nature phenomena in Croatia. In its upper reaches between Knin and Skradin, the Krka flows through a 100 to 200 meter deep gorge. The water accumulates in small lakes and falls over seven waterfalls with a case length of 242 meters in total depth.

"Distance to the Rab - 190 km"