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Captain's Club - Banjol - Island of Rab - Croatia

Biking & Trekking - Hiking trails and bike routes
Island of Rab Croatia

For all those who actively want to spend holiday, island of Rab offers excellent opportunities. Specifically for cyclists, it is ideal.

On Rab there are many routes to the sea side, then there are beautiful forest roads with quite beautiful landscape as well as many beautiful natural places

If you visit Rab, we can offer you the bikes, and you can discover the beauty of the island.

Island of Rab is a beautiful sunny island and one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic. Numerous walking and bicycle routes lead to attractive parts of the island and offer the possibility of the natural beauty of the various Mediterranean area to enjoy and make an active and relaxing holiday.

The island of Rab is the ninth largest island in the Adriatic. The length of the island is from the Cape to Cape Glavina Sorinj 22 km. The island is 11 km wide. The total length of bike routes on the island of Rab is 80 km. The total length of trekking routes on the island of Rab is 100 km. .

Map of trekking and bike routes, you can get on Captain's Clubs reception.


Captain's Club Rab - Biking and trekking area