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Holiday with boat - Captain's Club Rab

If you own a boat, we have a boat dock for up to 10 feet boat length. A crane to the water your boat is directly in front of our house.

A small boat, inflatable boat or sail boat makes the vacation so great. By boat you can discover many coves.

The vicinity of the sea, many bays and the wooded island of Dolin, the Barbat channel provides the protection, attract many visitors, particularly boaters and surfers.

Boat dock, boat Pitch to only 15 meters from the guesthouse use away. Mooring for boats up to 10 feet tall.
Boat mooring + space for Trailier in dry land Marine
Daily fee: 6.00 EUR
- Crane Service (15m from the Guesthouse away): 55,00 - 65,00 EUR
Services (Crane): The boat trailer into the water and ship in the marina. Boat lift and sea (underwater hull cleaning) final wash


Captain's Club - Vacation with boat



You also have the opportunity to rent in the vicinity of a motorboat to drive from bay to bay and swim.

Boaters will also find a repair shop for repair of motor boats. The neighborhood is also a marina with high standard facilities including water and electrical connections. A secure Pitch for boat trailers and is located in close proximity, even for the winter.

The wooded peninsula Kalifront with its many coves excellent bathing facilities and is very easy to reach by boat. After Frkanj succession followed by a series of bays with lots of rocks and fine sand beach.

Here is also nudist beaches . Kalifront is forested with pine and oak forests, rich evergreens as well as the forest is under protection DUNDO a further appeal.

Rab is also of interest to boaters as they can in a short time near the small islands Maman, Drednjak, Sailovac, Dolin, Laganj, Dolfin, Goli, Grgur achieve .... These small islands have beautiful sandy beaches, sheltered bays and exceptionally clear water.

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