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ISLAND OF RAB, CROATIA - Sport & Entertainment


Rab, Island of Rab, July 25 - 27

Rapska Fjera is an event that revives time and spirit of Middle Ages and taking place together with celebration held in honor of St. Christopher, patron saint of the island of Rab. The Rab Fair - Medieval Days presents customs, trades and life as it was in those long gone days. Entire population of Rab dresses in medieval fashion during Rapska Fjera, taking part in events, competitions and presentations of old trades and hand-made products being exhibited on the streets of Rab. This popular manifestation draws many tourists because of its originality and beautiful settings where it takes place

Every year for a week at the end of July, the island of Rab goes medieval with a costumed festival celebrating the customs, traditional crafts, and lifestyles of that era. The festival begins in the afternoon daily during this week and lasts until after midnight

Crossbow Games Rab

   The Association of the Crossbowmen of the Island of Rab was founded on 15 February 1995 while the Knight Games were restored in the same year, precisely on October 28. Since then, as many as 143 tournaments of knights have been held on the island of Rab, in many Croatian towns and abroad. The association includes 156 members divided into groups such as crossbowmen, trumpeters, buglers, flag bearers, dancers, music players, gunners and squires.

The games take place in the town of Rab and in some twin towns such as San Marino and Königsbrunn on Victory Day (May 9), Statehood Day (June 25),St. Christopher’s Day (July 27) and Feast of Assumption (August 15). The costumes of the crossbowmen and trumpeters of Rab were designed by costume designer Dijana Boureek of the Croatian National Theatre of Zagreb based on a scientific study of Dr Jelka Radauš Ribarić.

The crossbows were made by the crossbowmen themselves with assistance of crossbowmen of San Marino (balestrieri). They weigh from 18 to 25 kg. The target (cocoon-like) should be hit from a distance of 36.5 m by an arrow weighing 0.15 kg. The flags symbolize the fraternities of Rab, i.e. the counties and town of Rab, whereas the leading flag is the flag of the Republic of Croatia. The trumpets were designed in Italian workshops at special request while the canons were made in Croatian workshops.


   If you are looking for your diving holiday a special destination on the Adriatic, then visit the island of Rab with its wonderful beaches, romantic beaches and a rich and exciting over and under water world. Here you can indulge in their sport is not only active but also relax in its mild climate. With its irresistible hospitality Rab offers its guests exceptional opportunities for decades, here to spend a relaxing holiday as active. Rab they can find small, quaint old fishing villages and some are right on the sea, each other in culinary and cultural activities on offer

   The entire sea area around the island of Rab is full of surprises, not only for divers but also for swimmers and children. Half-or full-day excursions are combined with a picnic in the secluded bays will be an unforgettable experience. You forget your daily routine at the sight of crystal clear blue water, the sound of singing cicadas and the smell of the herbs growing everywhere. The fast-found tranquility and hospitality of the islanders give you a unique holiday experience, and from hospitality are already often become long-lasting friendships


   Most destinations are located in the town of Rab. The supply of coffee bars, clubs and discos in the summer is great. The excitement of the night, are you at the beach party at the club Santos - find (Barbat Pudarica beach), in the Disco Club Tropical (Lopar-San Marino), the Beach Party Bar Sunset Beach, in the night club in San Antonio - the city's port, disco or in the forum Vox Bar in the city center .. For those who prefer intimacy and romance, you can enjoy numerous cafés with beautiful views of the sea, where some of the cocktails, which can provide high-quality cocktail drink makers ...


Sports on the island of Rab is also not too short. The tourists where they can play tennis, cycling and of course swimming at the beaches too. On most beaches you can pedal, and also rent rowing and motor boats. Likewise, the tourists on the beaches and beach volleyball and water skiing. Furthermore, in certain places you can also play bocce and bowling. For children is also likely to be very interesting mini-golf courses.


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