A small boat, inflatable boat or sail boat makes the vacation so great. By boat you can discover many coves.

The vicinity of the sea, many bays and the wooded island of Dolin, the Barbat channel provides the protection, attract many visitors, particularly boaters and surfers.

If you own a boat, we have a boat dock for up to 7 mt boat length. A crane to the water your boat is directly in front of Captain's Club.

Crane Service is 15m from the Captain's Club away. The boat into the water and trailer shipped in the marina. Boat lift and sea (underwater hull cleaning) final wash


Rab has many different beaches: sandy beaches, pebble beaches, rocky beach, shallow or deep water, secluded beaches, popular beaches, etc.,

There are two small beaches in close to Captain Club. Most bigger beaches are located outside the village.

The beach can be reached by boat, car or bicycle

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A little bit of excercise pays back a bunch of good mood, so while on the happy island of Rab take a moment and go walk its lace of 200 km of promenades, hiking and mountaineering trails. Do not fret, altitude are not that big and the climbs are rather mild, so even if you are not in top shape you should do fine.

For those who are fans of walking, Captain's Club is good solution. Captain's Club is situated on seaside promenade. Which is more that 7 km long. on left side of Captain's Club promenade goes to place Barbat, and on right side promenade take you up way to the old town of Rab. The old town of Rab can be reached by walking (45 min). There is a specacular sunset over the beach.

Near Captain's Club is also The Early-Byzantine Fortification of Sv. Kuzma and Sv. Damjan - Remains of fortification from 6th century. Fortress is situated on the hill above places Barbat and Banjol. Beautiful view on Rab and bay, from behind on Velebit mountain. You call walk behind following shepard way, find lot of local plants and stony hill. Very nice highly to recommended. Half day trip.


For all those who actively want to spend holiday, island of Rab offers excellent opportunities. Specifically for cyclists, it is ideal.

On Rab there are many routes to the sea side, then there are beautiful forest roads with quite beautiful landscape as well as many beautiful natural places If you visit Rab, we can offer you the bikes, and you can discover the beauty of the island.

Island of Rab is a beautiful sunny island and one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic. Bicycle routes lead to attractive parts of the island and offer the possibility of the natural beauty of the various Mediterranean area to enjoy and make an active and relaxing holiday.

The island of Rab is the ninth largest island in the Adriatic. The length of the island is from the Cape to Cape Glavina Sorinj 22 km. The island is 11 km wide. The total length of bike routes on the island of Rab is 80 km


Rab - from the time of Roman Emperors up to nowadays

The old town center was established more than 2,000 years. As the first city of the Roman Dalmatia her the honor,Rab get the coveted FELIX (engl.: "happy"). The Roman emperor Octavian Augustus declared the town to the municipality and gave it independence. First settlements have been held in 10 BC

Who has the first opportunity to let his gaze wander along the old facades, roofs and towers, see immediately how many centuries in the architecture of old and have left in its original structure completely preserved city nucleus visible traces. Of tall towers dominated places, religious buildings, the prince's palace, the palaces, the Loggia of the Mediterranean and the maze of streets and lanes, rushing in where the past and the present, where sound between walls from distant centuries, the echo of human voices, all languages


The 1.5-hour tour of the old town, island tours, full-or half-day boat trips around the island and the neighboring islands with swimming breaks guarantee a special treat. From the town of Rab, you can take lots of trips. Both on the island of Rab, on the neighboring islands and the mainland, well-connected

Boat trips offer a special experience for all visitors of the island of Rab - Tour around the island of Rab and Panoramic tour; - Trips with visiting Zavratnica bay, Goli and Grgur island; - Fishing & Picnic trips; - Trips to the island of Krk (Baska), or Pag island of Losinj, and more ...

Because of their natural beauty together with the surrounding forest area in 1949, declared a national park that covers an area accounted of 295 km 2 of which approximately 2 km 2 of the lakes. The Plitvice lakes with nice walking paths equipped so that they are due to the nature and the access beautifull natur all year by many tourists.

"Distance from Rab - 140 km"

The National Park Paklenica is a national park in the Velebit mountain range 30 km northeast of the city of Zadar on the Croatian Adriatic coast and about 1 km from Starigrad. He was declared a national park in 1949. The highest peak is 1,757 m. Vaganski Vrh . and Sveto Brdo (1750 m.) Paklenica in Croatian means "little hell". The name was probably due to the rough and steep karst rocks which host numerous hidden caves and bring lit by the sun's association with the underworld. An alternative explanation attributes the name to the park frequently occurring pine back, was their juice (Paklina) previously used for impregnation of boats.

"Distance to the Rab- 100 km"